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Jesters Court

18+ only. 23 y/o Welsh gay dom Just an assortment of hot pics I stumble across and some of myself, feel free to share ;)

Enjoying that cock in your ass boy??🤤🤤

Mmmm yes Daddy! 😁🥵🥵

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This brings good memories. 🥰🔥🔥🔥

Colton had made the offer when his roommate came back to the dorm from a non-productive date with a girl who wouldn't put out.  At first, Trevor had refused and acted grossed-out over the idea, but after Colton stripped and flashed his tight little ass, it turned out the two were a perfect fit.

Colton knows what’s up. 😎😊

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I’m a good boy.  And this is how Daddy Sir reminds me of the two rules. His boy is only allowed to cum with permission, and only with raw cock in my ass. Just because I’m being fucked doesn’t meant I always get to cum. But there always a possibility.

School may be out, but coach still has needs.  Faggot Ryan reports for special summer training!